Abel James: Becoming the Fat Burning Man, Building Healthy Habits and Common Exercise & Nutrition Myths


Abel James is a #1 best-selling author, top 10 App Developer, musician, radio show host, entrepreneur, and veritable health crusader. Abel runs the extremely popular “Fat Burning Man” show – which is one of the top health podcasts on iTunes. A few years ago, Abel James made some alarming discoveries. Almost everything that he thought he knew about health, nutrition, and fitness was … [Read more...]

Why You Should Embrace Running Slow


No pain, no gain - a common approach to fitness. It doesn't have to be that way. In fact, when it comes to running, slow is often the way to go. Sure, you definitely need to practice running hard if you want to get faster. Intervals, fartleks, tempo runs - they can help improve your speed. But this point of this post is to help you realize that running slow is not a waste of time - far … [Read more...]

The (Stupidly) Simple Trick I Used to Get 45 Minutes More Sleep Per Night


The above quote is spot on. Inadequate sleep (quality and quantity) tarnishes your health in many ways. Here are just a few: increased risk of depression lowered short-term memory greater risk of obesity increased risk of type 2 diabetes lowered libido We're all busy I know. And there are only so many hours in the day. Sleep however, must be prioritized - perhaps even above … [Read more...]

A Message To Non-Runners


Note: I originally wrote this post over at Medium. This is a message for those of you that have always wanted to run. I recently saw a man, likely in his 80s, running slower than my 17-month old son can walk. I found myself fighting to hold back tears. He was wearing black leather shoes, some loose fitting dress pants and a collared shirt. This man moved me and inspired me in an indescribable … [Read more...]

6 Cool Apps For Runners You’ve Likely Never Heard Of. I created #3.


Most runners know about the big, mainstream apps for runners like RunKeeper, Nike+, MapMyRun and Endomondo. I have nothing against these apps, I've tried them all and they all have great features coupled with nice designs. Sometimes it's nice however, to find those hidden gems that maybe are not as popular (yet) and haven't quite got the exposure they deserve. 1. PEAR SPORTS PEAR Sports - Like … [Read more...]

Making an App for Runners: Thoughts and Lessons Learned


Happy New Year! Occasionally on this blog, I like to write about stuff that doesn't directly relate to helping you with your health and fitness. As you've probably noticed, one of my favourite fitness endeavours is running. I actually just signed up for the Toronto Goodlife Half Marathon, which takes place May 4, 2013...my 6th half marathon. Anyway, I haven't posted articles as much as I … [Read more...]

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