20 Outstanding Running Blogs for 2012 and Beyond

Although Healthynomics covers a wide-range of health and fitness related topics, running is a passion of mine.

Here is a list of 20 great blogs (in no particular order) for all of you runners to follow in 2012 and beyond.

I admire and appreciate the work done by all of these bloggers. If you want to be a better runner, add some (or all) of these blogs to your reader.

Happy New Year!

What are you favorites? Please feel free to add them in the comments section below!

1. No Meat Athlete


Written By: Matt Frazier

If you’re a vegetarian, thinking of becoming a vegetarian or have a general interest in an alternative approach to fueling for running, No Meat Athlete is a great resource. Matt Frazier took over 10 minutes off his personal-best marathon time with a 3:09:59, six months after going vegetarian.

2. Strength Running


Written By: Jason Fitzgerald

Jason Fitzgerald is a 2:39 marathoner and running coach. Strength Running provides tips on injury prevention, rehabilitation and lots of other detailed advice to help you run faster. 

3. Runblogger


Written By: Pete Larson

I am a huge fan of Runblogger and have interviewed Pete Larson on this site. Pete is a scientist and some my favourite Runblogger posts focus on the science of running and more particular, running biomechanics. Pete also write lots of great running shoe reviews and actively tackles the pros and cons of the minimalist / barefoot running movement.

4. Sweat Science


Note: As of February 8, 2012, Alex has moved his blog over to http://sweatscience.runnersworld.com/

Written by: Alex Hutchinson

Alex is a very accomplished writer. Sweat Science is about the science of exercise, fitness and training. While not every post is about running, Alex is also an accomplished runner and tends to gravitate to the topic quite a bit. Alex recently wrote a book entitled, “Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights“.

5. Peak Performance


Written by: Amby Burfoot

Amby Burfoot was the winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon. After retiring from competition, he became a running journalist and author. Burfoot was the top editor (editor-in-chief) at Runner’s World for many years and both writes for Runner’s World and serves as editor-at-large.

Similar to Sweatscience, Amby dives into the science of running on his Peak Performance blog. A must-follow for serious runners.

6. Science of Running


Written by: Steve Magness

Steve is a coach and scientific advisor for the Nike Oregon Project in Beaverton, Oregon where he works with some of the top runners in the U.S.

The Science of running digs deep into the topics such as VO2max, training methods, running drills, biomechanics, cross-training and much more. Great blog for competitive runners and those recreational runners that want to take their training seriously.

7. Running Technique Tips


Written by: Brian Martin

As the name of Brian Martin’s blog suggests, good running technique is the focus. According to Brian, there are three important ideas that justify taking running technique seriously:

  • Running should be enjoyable and mostly pain free
  • Injuries should be the exception, not the rule
  • Performance improvements are possible by learning to run better, not just training longer and harder

His blog reflects these ideas.

8. Float On


Written by: Reid Coolsaet

Reid Coolsaet is Canada’s current fastest marathoner and will represent Canada at the London 2012 Olympics Games. Reid is a savvy and creative writer. His posts include detailed race updates, observations from his training, pictures from his travels and more.

I did a Q&A with Reid a few weeks back.

9. Adam Campbell’s Blog


Written by: Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell is a former member of the Canadian National Triathlon and Duathlon teams. While Adam still has a passion for triathlon, he made a very successful transition over to trail and mountain running (2nd place at the 98km Courmayer-Champex-Chamonix).

Adam blogs about his races, training, gear and the task of balancing his life as a competitive mountain / trail runner and articling law student.

I interviewed Adam a few months ago. View the interview with Adam.

10. Running and Rambling


Written by: Donald Buraglio

I like Running and Rambling mostly for the great running shoe reviews – great descriptions, in-depth analysis and stunning photography.

Donald has been heavily involved in the minimalist running movement and as such, his reviews often cover the latest barefoot alternative running shoes.

Running shoe geeks go wild!

11. Run the Edge Blog


Written by: Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano

Adam and Tim are very accomplished runners and the authors of Running the Edge. They have written some great posts that cover the emotional and inspirational side of running.

12. The Science of Sport


Written by: Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas

Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas completed their Ph.D.’s in the Exercise Science and Sports Medicine Research Unit at the University of Cape Town.

Their blog covers in-depth analyses behind sports and sports performances. Running is clearly a passion as many of their posts cover the topic. They also published The Runner’s Body in May 2009.

13. iRunFar.com


Written by: Byron Powell

Fantastic resource for information for trail running and ultramarathons. Trail and ultra running news, race reports, gear reviews and athlete interviews.

14. Speedendurance.com


Written by: Jimson Lee

Jimson is a Masters Athlete and Coach. He was the President of the Metro Athletic Club based in Vancouver, BC.

Speedendurance.com is posts on a wide range of running topics. I particularly like its focus on speed and speed endurance.

Also includes lots of great analysis, commentary and videos of elite performances.

15. Run Bulldog Run


Written by: Steve Speirs

Steve Speirs is a very good runner (2:45:22 at the 2011 Boston Marathon), the author of “7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups” and the creator of onehundredpushups.com. He also maintains Run Bulldog Run.

Posts include Steve’s race reports and gear reviews – love its personal and unique approach.

16. The Running Injury Clinic


Written by: Blaise Dubois

The Running Clinic blog is a must for those seeking information on the prevention of running injuries. Blaise also covers the minimalism trend in detail.

17. Coach Jay Johnson’s Blog


Written by: Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson currently writes for Nikerunning.com and is a contributor to Running Times magazine. After coaching for six years at the University of Colorado he went on to work with professional athletes, where he coach three different USATF champions.

His blog includes tips for novice and elite runner alike.

18. Christopher McDougall’s Blog


Written by: Christopher McDougall

Good for anyone that has read Christopher’s book, “Born to Run“. Obviously a large focus on barefoot / minimalist running here. I enjoyed particularly enjoyed reading this post: Lost Secret of Perfect Running (or, Ever Wonder Why Running Shoes Always Get Great Reviews?)

19. Runningwarehouse.com Blog


Written by: Running Warehouse

The supplemental blog to running gear shop “The Running Warehouse”. Great for running shoe geeks.

I like it because they often provide early looks and reviews of upcoming running shoe releases.

20. Predawn Runner


Written by: Greg Strosaker

Predawn Runner provides tips and inspiration to those who want to make running a bigger part of their life.

I really enjoy Greg’s “Tripped-Out Running” posts which help people overcome the challenges of busy professional or family lives and maintaining training while on the road.

  • http://predawnrunner.com Greg Strosaker

    Honored by the mention and flattered by the company – thank you!  I’m looking forward to reviewing a few of the blogs you have listed that I haven’t seen before.

  • Thomas

    Nice list of running blogs. Glad some of my favorites are on list, of course I am partial to believeintherun.com 😉

    • http://www.healthynomics.com Mark Kennedy

      Just checked out your site, Thomas. Definitely needs to be on my next list.

      • Anonymous


        Would love to guest post sometime. Outstanding blog, only wish I wasn’t a newbie (mine is about 3 weeks old). http://www.rundreamachieve.com  Continued success in 2012. Nate

        • http://www.healthynomics.com Mark Kennedy

          I like your blog Nate – well done. Will send you a separate email regarding guest posts. Cheers.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks Mark. I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

            Best Wishes, 

  • BarefootDawsy

    All great blogs, nice list guys. You forgot BeginningBarefoot.com though!

  • Jonerikkawamoto

    Don’t forget http://www.StrongerRunner.blogspot.com!!  Great tips and info on how to be a Stronger Runner.

    Jon Kawamoto from Stronger Runner

  • http://twitter.com/runangry Rob Savarese

    Good list!  A lot of my my favorites are on here.

  • Crystal

    So, any women runners/bloggers out there who should be added to this list or, perhaps, a new list started specifically for women runner/bloggers? After all, we have different experiences thanks to our physiology, like when dudes hit on us, or our tendency to be over pronaters.

    • http://www.icametorun.com/ Emilie Littlehales

      I was just wondering the same thing and, frankly, was a bit annoyed by the (complete) lack of female bloggers in the list.

      • http://www.healthynomics.com Mark Kennedy

        Emilie, are there any female running bloggers you would recommend to everyone? Always keen to find new running blogs out there! Thanks.

  • snarf

    how is lauren fleshmans blog not on here?!

  • Guru

    Hi there! Great list, and many of my personal favourites there too!

    I write on http://www.runningshoesguru.com and you won’t find another blog with as many in-depth reviews (strictly after testing) of running shoes as us! I hope you’ll consider us for future lists!

  • Arunningtally

    Seriously…no female runner bloggers made this list. Ridiculous.

  • Nanette

    Please consider a female blogger….  crazymotherontherun.blogspot.com  :)