2012 Review: A Look Back at the Year for Healthynomics


What’s up next?

2012 has been an amazing year. I am even more fired up for 2013. I thought this would be a good time to reflect back on the year and to look ahead.

Healthynomics turns 4-years old in February. It’s hard to believe.

What started as encouragement from my wife and brother while living in the UK to write about my passions online (they both work in the digital marketing / technology space), Healthynomics has evolved through its lifetime.

This is a breakdown of the year 2012 and a little reflection.


Healthynomics had just over 70,000 unique views in 2012. Up by 20,000 from 2011.

Here are the top 5 posts by unique views for 2012:

  1. The Toughest 400 Meter Race in the World?
  2. 20 Outstanding Running Blogs for 2012 and Beyond
  3. TRX Suspension Trainer: The Ultimate Core Workout
  4. Interview with Dr. Stuart McGill: Back Health, Core Exercises and More
  5. The Perfect Runner: Documentary in Search of the Perfect Running Form

Where were Healthynomics readers located?

Here is a breakdown of the reader locations by country:

  1. Unites States – 52%
  2. Canada – 17%
  3. United Kingdom – 7%
  4. Australia – 3%
  5. Other – 21%

My Favourite Post of 2012

My favourite post was …

Running Shoes Prices in Canada versus the United States: Why Canucks Pay More

It was not a post that will help readers become a better runner, but it will certainly help my fellow Canadians understand why the hell running shoes cost so much here.

This post was discovered by CBC News (Canada’s national news) and they asked to interview me for a piece they did on the high costs of consumer goods in Canada as the loonie hit parity with the U.S. dollar.

It was pretty cool to have the CBC at my house filming me run and asking me a few questions about the cost of running shoes.  The video is linked up in the post if you want to see it.

I was left a little disappointed though. CBC found me through my the post on my blog. They made no mention of my blog post in the interview, which to me, was relevant to the story. That’s how they found me! So here I was on the national evening news – a prime opportunity for Healthynomics to gain some national exposure.

But to CBC, I was just a runner … the background story didn’t matter.

Not all was lost though. The Globe and Mail (Canada’s national newspaper) linked to the post on running shoe prices in their personal finance section.

Guest Posts

I wrote two guest posts in 2012.

  1. Get More from Your Body in Less Time: A Beginners Guide to Interval Training – Expert Enough
  2. 13 Lucky Racing Tips for Your Next Personal Best – eBook contributor on Strength Running

Changing Things Up – The Launch of the Quiz

Writing post after post can get boring sometimes. To mix things up, I decided to engage with my readers a bit more.

After a bit thought and some guidance from Chris Garrett, I came up with a quiz to test people’s beliefs against some of the most common fitness and nutrition myths.

If you haven’t taken the quiz, give it a go. Only two people have scored a perfect 10/10 to date.

Take the quiz here.

Let’s Get Personal

At the end of 2012, I made a promise to myself be a bit more personal on Healthynomics.

Why? Because people connect with other people, not websites.

I have since added a few personal touches to the site:

  1. The image of me drinking coffee in the right side bar.
  2. Spruced up the “About Us” page.
  3. Promoted Healthynomics a bit more on Facebook. “Like Us” if you haven’t already!
  4. Made a Google author profile so my picture shows up beside my articles in Google searches.

Here is bit more on why Healthynomics came to be.

I have always had a passion for health and fitness. I studied Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. After graduating with a bachelor of science in “Kines” I worked in the fitness centre of a fancy hotel as an exercise coordinator and personal trainer.

A couple of years later I moved on to work in a physiotherapy clinic as an exercise therapist. As an exercise therapist I worked with injured workers that were off work due to their injury. While the goal of my job was simple (get people back to work as soon as possible), the process was much more difficult. The people I worked with came from a wide-range of occupations. Loggers, nurses, 911 dispatchers and office workers just to name a few.

I was laid off 7 months into my job at the physio clinic. Turns out the clinic hired too many people, too fast. Physicians and physiotherapists ran the clinic…..they were good at their trained professions, but savvy business people they were not.

I left the physio clinic with a sour taste in my mouth. My confidence took a kick in the balls.

I took being laid off way too personally looking back. To me, I had failed. I also found it hard working with my clientele. Getting sedentary people to exercise and rehab their injuries was hard enough … try adding the fact that most did not enjoy their jobs enough in the first place. It was like putting your foot on the gas and brake at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, I still loved helping people get fitter and bounce back from injuries. I was ready for a change though. So I explored other interests.

Since late 2002 I have been working in the finance industry. I enjoy what I do and I kind of like being a polymath (health science and finance guy – ha!).

But my passion for fitness and health never died. I continued to help people with training programs and kept fit through running, basketball and numerous other activities. I ran my first marathon back in 2008 in Dublin, Ireland.

As I mentioned above, Healthynomics started in 2009. My good friend, Garfield Crooks (massage therapist for the Canadian track & field team) and I decided it would be fun to have our own website where we could help more people with their health. My wife and brother helped from a technical standpoint and Garfield and I wrote articles. Garfield has since taken a back seat, but is still involved here and there.

Healthynomics has more or less become my baby. It’s a way for me to stay involved with my passion of exercise and health. Through this blog I been fortunate to have interviewed and met many super smart people and inspirational athletes along the way. I hope that my articles and interviews continue to help others take interest in their health.

Internet marketers and blogging experts are always preaching to narrow down the niche of a blog to maximize traffic. I appreciate the advice, but I don’t want to write just about running or only about weight loss. I am interested in many aspects of health. So, not every post will interest all my current and future readers … and that’s okay.

Perhaps in the future I will narrow the scope of Healthynomics, but for now it remains a mishmash of useful topics related to fitness and heath that have the same goal – educating and encouraging others to be active and healthy so you can enjoy all that life has to offer.

Looking Ahead Into 2013

This year I would like to start podcasting a bit more. I have done three podcasts interviews and have enjoyed the experience. Podcasts are also a good way for people who don’t like to read a chance to enjoy content. I often find my self listening to podcasts when commuting to work on the subway.

I would also like to write an eBook. I have a few topics in mind, so stay tuned for more on this.

Healthynomics continues to welcome guest posts. If you have an interesting story or angle on a particular health related topic, email me at info@healthynomics.com.

As far as personal health / fitness goals, this is what I have on my radar:

  • Run a spring marathon. Toronto in May is the most likely candidate. 
  • Continue to reduce sugar consumption in my diet. The last 5 months I have cut back on sugar significantly. Christmas was not good on the sugar front, but I plan to continue this trend into 2013.
  • More strength training. I have been fitting in some great strength training sessions during lunch hour. I focus on large muscle groups and compound exercises like bench press, pull-ups, deadlifts and squats. I feel strong and recover quicker from my runs with the the increased strength.
  • I plan to be more diligent at tracking my workouts (mostly my running and cycling) with my Garmin 410 and post the details on Daily Mile.

Thank You

To all Healthynomics readers and subscribers … thank you.

If you have any topics you would like to see covered, please let me know in the comments section below or by email (info@healthynomics.com). If you have a health or fitness related question, pop me an email as well. I love hearing from readers.

All the best for 2013!

  • Jay Lambert

    Thanks for your post Mark, curious, when were you at SFU? I spent a few semesters in the Kines department, but my lack of science skills had me graduating from the Geography dept in ’97.

    • http://www.healthynomics.com Mark Kennedy

      Hey Jay. I graduated in Kines from SFU in 97…long time ago now! Are you still on the west coast. Thanks for reading.