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Beginner runner or looking to get back into running?

I help beginners get started and become runners for life. Here you'll find everything you need to know to run for weight loss, fitness and a better life.

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I struggled for 2 years to run 5km consistently but more importantly to enjoy it! Following the tips and support from Mark I now run at least 5km most days a week before work and look forward to it.Thank you!


Having reliable information to ease a 46 year old, recently ex-smoker back into the world of running after a 28 year absence is invaluable.  Mark's beginner course has provided simple, factual material in a friendly, not overly technical manner that stopped me ruining the experience.


I am now able to run for a full hour non stop. I have learned so many other things from your mails and can't wait for the next one. You have taught me things that had never crossed my mind. I have run 2 x half marathons this year. I'm running my first marathon in 3 years on Sunday.


About Me

Hey. I'm Mark.

I live in Toronto, Ontario with my wife and two sons.

As a former Kinesiologist, I created Healthynomics as a personal outlet for me to stay in touch with my passion of exercise science and healthy living.

I enjoy helping people get fit and improving their health by sharing my experiences and the knowledge from industry experts.  Lately, my focus has been on helping new runners get started.

You can read more about me here.


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